Q. Do you bulk bill?

A. Yes - Galambila AHS bulk bills

Q. Do you provide transport?

A. Yes - Galambila AHS provides free transport to & from Galambila. If you require transport please phone the Clinic on 02 6652 0800 and they will arrange transport for you. You will need to book transport at least 24 hrs ahead of your appointment. Please phone the clinic and advise us if the transport booking is to be cancelled.

Q. Can I get my results or ask for a Prescription over the phone?

A. No - you will need to make an appointment to get results or a prescription as only the Doctors can provide these.

Q. What Doctors are on today?

A. Dr Helen Palmer works in the Clinic on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thusdays. Dr Palmer is also available at our Yarrawarra Outreach Clinic every second Wednesday between 9am & 11:30am - please phone Clinic reception on 02 6652 0800 to find out when Dr Palmer will be at Yarrawarra. Dr Galina Kotlar & Dr David Cheang work in the Clinic 5 days per week. Dr Adrienne Newman works in the Clinic on Monday & Tuesday mornings, all day Wednesday, & Friday. 

Q. Do I have to be an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander to use this service?

A. Galambila AHS is funded primarily to meet the health needs of the Coffs Harbour local Aboriginal Communties. Non-Aboriginal people who are family members of an Aboriginal person who is one of our clients, can also be seen.