Give Up the Smokes Program - Quit Cafe

Galambila AHSI offers a GUTS program that is aimed at increasing client’s knowledge regarding the effects and risks of smoking.  The program involves the provision of information on how addictive nicotine is and the effect it has on people’s health and on the benefits of not smoking.  This empowers the client to make the decision if and when they are ready to quit.

Clients can attend the Quit Cafe  on Tuesday mornings from 10am to 12 noon. Morning tea is provided. The Quit Cafe runs over a period of 8 weeks and you are welcome to attend all or part of each session. Quit Cafe ia an intensive smoking cessation program that covers

  • Motivation
  • Understanding the difficilties of quitting
  • What nicotine is & how it works
  • Withdrawal/recovery symptoms
  • Harm minimization
  • Relaxation & stress relief
  • Methods to help you quit 

For further information about the GUTS program Quit Cafe please contact Pauline Stewart, the Aboriginal Vascular Health Worker, on (02) 6652 0800 or email Pauline on

 Pauline Stewart - Vascular Health Worker

Ros Hart - Chronic Care Cordinator