Galambila lies within the Many Rivers region on the North Coast of New South Wales with a very strong regional presence.  This includes the following Auspiced services and programs: 

 Regional IT Service (IT@RAMS)

Galambila also has responsibility for a Regional Information Technology Services (IT@RAMS) covering the area from Coffs Harbour to Forster and incorporating Galambila AHSI, Durri ACMS, Biripi AMS and Tobwabba ACMS.

The services is overseen by the Regional ICT/IM Manager, Jon Rolph. 

Jon Rolph can be contacted on 6652 0850 or via email ''


A Regional IT Officer, assists Jon in the delivery of regional IT services

They can be contacted on 6652 0850

Galambila has professional partnerships with:

The Mid North Coast Local Health District 

North Coast Medicare Local 

Yarrawarra Aboriginal Corporation 

The Many Rivers Aboriginal Medical Service Alliance  

A range of private medical specialists


Alex Webb (Chairperson Galambila AHSI) & Chris Crawford (Chief Executive NCAHS) signing North Coast Aboriginal Health Partnership Agreement 2009 - 2014