Spring  Into Shape (SIS) Program

 Spring into Shape is participatory based with informal classes providing a safe and culturally appropriate learning environment. The Spring into Shape program is funded through an NGO Grant Program of the NSW Department of Health.  The aim of the program is to deliver an exercise and nutrition program to promote healthy lifestyle change and to help clients manage stress in a better way. Galambila‚Äôs Vascular Health Worker runs three 8-10 week SIS programs each year. For further information on this program please contact Pauline Stewart (VHW) on (02) 6652 0800 or email pstewart@galambila.org.au


Comments from previous participants:

"I have learnt a lot of things; what to eat, how to work out without doing damage to myself."

"The exercise workout was tough... but fun... and I would love to do it again."

 "I loved it... and I want to do it again."

 "It's been great fun... and I met lots of friendly people."

 "It's the best thing I've done... it was fun." 

 If you are willing to commit to this program and get serious about making healthy lifestyle changes you too can have fun and get fit for life.